mardi 11 novembre 2008

Uh Huh Her

Last Sunday, I went to Richards on Richards to see Uh Huh Her, an indie-rock band. And they really put on a great show !

" The concert is sold out, so when we arrive in front of the venue at 8.15pm, there is already a lot of people, mostly girls actually !
It becomes immediately apparent that the majority of the audience are fans of The L Word and are here to see Leisha Hailey, as it could be expected.

The first part of the concert was supposed to be The Fashion, a punk new-wave band that I really didn't like. Finally, we can see Army of Jennys.

Jenny Galt, the singer, was introduced in 2006 on the TV show Rockstar: Supernova.
She is an awesome singer with gorgeous vocals, an interesting mix of pop melodies, moody synth sounds, sophisticated lyrical undertones, drum and vocal loops, and impressive piano work. She is a multifaceted and talented musician whose sensuality and soulfulness captivate.

After half an hour, she leaves us impatient to see Camila Grey & Leisha Hailey, the two girls of Uh Huh Her. And it is time for a drink and a walk to visit the place !

But time becomes long and people starts to be really noisy.

However, the duo arrives on stage and, right off the bat, throw a change up, begining with "I’ve Had Enough", a track which offered a glimpse of what the group may make with its next studio album.

The song meets a positive reception, but nothing compared to what is heard when the sounds of "So Long" and "Run", older songs from their EP, I See Red, ring aloud to follow.
Later, "Explode" with its deep synth and simple piano melody makes the main highlight of the evening. It is followed by "I See Red", the main song of their EP, which carries a touch of The Cure in its guitar melody.

Leisha Hailey is the talker during the show, announcing the first song Camila ever wrote "Say So", and the group’s favorite song to play, "Wait Another Day".

As the end of the concert approaches, I am still waiting for my favorite song. And they leave the stage without playing my song. Dam' ! Why ?!

However, it takes less than a minute before the clamors force an encore. Uh Huh Her comes on stage once more to play "Dreamer", my favorite song. Uh huhhhh !!! "

Because of the short life of the band, Uh Huh Her finished its set in about a hour and fifteen minutes.
Anyway ! Camila and Leisha managed to give us a phenomenal musicianship as they played their lovely electro-indie-pop that carried a sparkling sound filled with menacing guitars, ethereal vocals and spacey synthesizer sounds.

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Jacqueline a dit…

I wish I could have been there! You've really captured the atmosphere of the show in your review and did an excellent job of using music-review style. I like how you recall the event in the present tense to make the reader feel like s/he's right there with you. Be careful, though. Sometimes you stray into the past tense.