mardi 14 octobre 2008

Truth & Lies !!!

* Family & relatives : I'm the oldest of my family. I have one 20 year-old sister and a brother who is 11 years younger than me.

* Things you love : I love horror movies.

* Things I hate : I hate Brussels sprouts.

* Things you own : I own 3 violins.

* Places you've ever been : I've been in Finland to the Artic Circle and especially to the Santa Claus' village.

* Famouse people you've met : This summer, I met Johnny Deep at his wife's show !

* Unusual experiences you've had : When I was 5, I cut my sister's tongue with scissors.

* Jobs you've done : I worked at a butcher's.

* Illnesses and accidents you've had : I had a leg in plaster for one month when I was 6.

* Skills and abilities you have : When I'm listening to music, I can recognize exactly which notes are played.

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